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Bob Ross

Landscape Range


Getting started


Bob Ross is probably more famous for Landscape painting than anything else. How does he do it exactly?

Simple. With a variety of special techniques and bags of practice.

Bob's paints and tools are cleverly designed so that you can get the best out of your talent. Take the paints for example. Colours that are used primarily for highlights are manufactured to a thinner consistency to make it easier for you, the artist. Bob's method is called Wet-on-Wet, which means, naturally enough, that the canvas has to be kept wet. To do this one or two coats of special base paint, (either liquid white, liquid black or liquid clear) are applied to the canvas.



Bob Ross is famous for mixing colours actually on his palette, in front of the camera. While the thought of colour mixing can be daunting for the beginner, it is actually one of the most rewarding parts of learning to use the palette. Again, practice is crucial, but within a short space of time you'll be mixing paints as though you've been doing it all your life.



                                                                           Landscape painting sets

The master set contains everything needed to start painting in the Bob Ross style. Complete, clearly written instructions with a full colour photo of the finished painting, offers the artist all the tools he requires for early success. The set also includes a 1 hour DVD.

The Bob Ross Basic set is a great way to start to learn Bob's methods, and contains the basics for a solid foundation in Wet-on-Wet painting.



    Landscape paints

Each and every colour in the Bob Ross Landscape paint range is a quality oil paint designed to achieve its own special effect, thereby maximising success and enjoyment. Bob's oil paints are also formulated especially for the Wet-on-Wet technique.



  Landscape painting brushes and knives

Bob Ross brushes look like standard household paint brushes, but nothing could be further from the truth. Bob's brushes are all natural bristle and come in four basic shapes, 2 inch, 1 inch, 1 inch Round and 1 inch oval. Do not confuse natural bristle with man made nylon, or polyester. These brushes are hand-shaped and made to precise specifications, to achieve excellent, predictable results in Wet-on-Wet painting.


  Landscape painting Mediums

There is a complete range of Bob Ross mediums, ranging from liquid base coats, to gessos, thinners and a brush cleaner.

The range also includes a product called Painters Glove which is a protective lotion, that when applied to your hands, forms a barrier which rinses away taking the paint with it. The liquid base coats contain Bob's "secret formula" which assists in the foundation of the painting, and in helping to keep the picture wet which is fundamental in Bob's technique. Smooth and slow drying, they allow blending and mixing right on the canvas.


Landscap Painting Accessories

Bob Ross painting accessories include finishing sprays, screens, buckets, and beater racks as well as the famous Bob Ross palette, made from clear acrylic and seen by millions on TV every day. There is also the well known Bob Ross 2-in-one Easel, which was designed by Bob for all styles of painting. The unit has 4 adjustable legs and the top portion is removable, making the easel suitable for use on a table top.



    Landscape Canvases

The Bob Ross range of canvases comprises three sizes:




All canvases are pre-streched and double-primed and are finished in a pale grey colour which makes it easier to see where you have painted liquid white.

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